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With the desire to help any and everyone, Hopper Web Design started as a favor for a friends landscaping business.  After creating a simple but functional spreadsheet for his customers, De'Jon (in his true fashion) encouraged the idea of starting up full time in order to help others with their brands. He promised to be the first customer but God called him home before the project could be completed. Today we are full throttle with the things he's taught us and intend to honor his legacy with kindness, humility & quality work. Rest in eternal peace 'Grasshopper'



JULY 7TH, 1990 - SEPTEMBER 17TH, 2019


Our mission is to maximize our clients business and profits on the world wide web with high tech and user friendly solutions.

After a site is completed, we keep a close and professional relationship with all of our clients taking on Dejon's spirit to never have met a stranger.

Our Mission


  • Do you create Logos, Flyers, Videos - etc?

Not at the moment. However, we partner with the greatest Creative Director in Houston. Email Lee at | Website: Tell him we sent you.

  • How long does it take to design a website?

Keep in mind each site is different. The clock starts once all of a customers materials including vision, images (logos, videos, etc) has been collected. A typical site takes about a month to complete

  • How much does a website cost?

Each website is unique to our customers and will require a custom quote.
In short think of it this way, a website with 10 pages will take more effort and time to create than a 3 page website. 

  • Will you edit an existing website that I have?

At this time, no. Our focus is on entrepreneurs that are starting and small businesses that are ready to introduce their services to the world. 

Basically- We design from scratch, not anyone else's scrap. 

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